Typical Flashing Concerns On The Roof

Low sloped roofs are a popular roof choice. In residential housing they are most often found on bungalow and small single family homes. In commercial buildings they are used on a wide variety of buildings.

The classic low slope roof design is one in which the roof rises 2 inches across a 12 inch or 14 inch span. The two roof slabs meet at the centre of the building and slope down on either side. It’s a very simple design that gives a nice form to a home.

However, like any other kind of roof, low-sloped roofs have a number of problem areas. Here are 5 common issues with low-sloped roofs that should be monitored every season:

Leaks - Leaks are a common issue with low-sloped roofs. The main cause of leaks is human error, either in the installation process or the flashing. One key factor that will compensate for poor flashing is strong seam adhesion. Seam adhesion is an important step in the roof installation process because it supports all the connecting beams and spaces across the entire roof. Each and every seam will get backed up by thick adhesive tape. If adhesive treatment is missing, contact a roofer in Los Gatos right away and rectify this oversight in the installation process.

Wind Damage - Wind can find so many different ways to get ‘under the skin’ of the roof. Indeed, any slight opportunity for wind to catch on will be exploited. If the previous contractor was negligent about adhesive placement or flashing work, in all likelihood a strong gust of wind will find its way under the surface. This can create a number of bad situations, ranging from billowing (when shingles are dislodged by the wind) to roof blow off (when asphalt or other roof parts are actually blown off the roof by the force of wind).

Poor Maintenance - Not all contractors are made equal. A quick patch-up job one time can have real negative ramifications on the structure of the entire roof. Often the adhesion or flashing will not be done to an excellent standard leaving little areas of weakness that will not take long to be exploited.

Homeowners have their own obligation to maintain their roof. They should check the status after every major storm and do any simple repairs they feel comfortable with.

Punctures - Punctures occur because of a lot of site link traffic or damage from a storm (pieces of wood may fall on the roof and cause a puncture). Low-sloped roofs do offer some nice lounging opportunity, but these activities can puncture the roof.

Poor Flashing - check my reference More specific than just maintenance work is flashing work. Contractors that are not obligated to give photo evidence of their work are prone to cutting corners (like not putting flashing everywhere it should be, for example). It's best to work with a roofer in Los Gatos that has years of experience and a lot of industry credibility.

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